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Our investment philosophy is to develop and implement long-term strategies for investing in quality assets in key commercial real estate sectors: office, retail and logistics. We seek to provide our customers with a wide range of options in terms of return and risk by placing collective and private funds’ capital under our management using all available investment styles in accordance with the best investment practices.


We provide a full range of Real Estate Investment Management services for investments in office, retail and warehouse real estate in Russia. Our portfolio includes a full investment cycle, arrangement of all phases of acquisition transactions, subsequent comprehensive management of acquired assets as well as the best possible terms of exit. We perform investment management at all levels: Fund Management, Asset/Portfolio Management and Property Management.

Asset Management

Andrey Bogdanov CEO
Andrey Bogdanov


Mr Bogdanov is responsible for the company's strategy and activities in general, including product line development and fund management. Previously, he headed Trust Capital and the analytical unit at IMAC GROUP. He graduated with honors from the Moscow State Law University. He has a master’s degree in Private Law (Russian Private Law School), and is a certified financial market specialist and a member of the NAUFOR Committee on CMUIF.

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